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  1. I love the aesthetics of your new blog and website. Looking forward to seeing more about your regimen here. I still go back to your old website for low porosity info. How are your kids by the way, pretty sure they are well

    1. Aw, thank you so much! My regimen has not changed a lot. I still live by clay washes and deep conditioning with heat. The only big differences is adding hot oil treatments to my regimen, this has really helped with elasticity and shine. The kids are great, baby girl will be 2 soon, she has a big personality and is quite the character. My son just turned 4 and he is still a little sweet heart. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones! Thanks for stopping by again.

  2. This awesome deodorant absorbs moisture and neutralizes odor with its pleasant scent. Easy to rub it on my skin, it keeps me fresh and dry all day. Love it!

  3. Love how this conditioner makes my hair feel soft and healthy. Best product ever to keep my frizzy hair hydrated. Excellent quality of ingredients and very relaxing scent. Love it!

  4. I absolutely love this product! Although my hair is chemically relaxed it still requires a lot of work to maintain. With the Mango & Monoi leave-in; I’ve been able to wash and go allowing my hair to air dry and and an a opportunity to take a break from the heat.

  5. I’m a bit of a hair product junkie so I was a skeptic when I first read how little of this product is required. But after using it a couple of times and figuring out the right mixture I’m hooked! The hair wash reduced the tangles making my hair manageable and feeling really clean.

  6. absolutely love this conditioner as a leave in on my daughters very fine hair. it adds a little weight to her hair and keeps them from tangling again right after washing.

  7. after using the leave in my curls are very defined and very shiny for days. absolutely love and this product.

  8. i have only used it as a body butter so far, love how it seals in moisture when aplied on wet skin.

  9. i LOVE this leave-in. the best way i can describe the difference it makes is to think of a plant that hasn’t been watered properly in a while and then it starts getting taken care of by a professional botanist. my curls are defined and shiny and soft to the touch. no exaggeration, i’ve never loved my hair as much as i do now. please never stop making this <3

  10. This stuff is wonderful, so hydrating. It detangles and hydrates but feels light. Love the subtle scent too, gentle and fresh!

  11. So this is going to be a long review and maybe TMI but it’s for the good of humanity.

    I have come to the end of a test-drive period in which I put this deodorant to some extreme tests. Preface: Since puberty (and I’m 36 now) I have NEVER found a deodorant that I have been truly happy with, and certainly not a natural one. I overheat easily and with all other natural deodorants I’ve tried my pits have turned swampy really quickly and there has never been any odor control to speak of. With the last natural deodorant I tried I mostly just reeked of tea tree oil which would be overpowered by b.o. within an hour or two. Most chemical deodorants are the same for me, except the last one I used (which I thought was great until I read the ingredients label).

    That was my situation until (drumroll) I discovered this deodorant here. I don’t know what sort of sorcery you’ve got going on, but this legit works — at least for me, and I know all pits are different, but I can say that in my case it does work, shockingly well. It is also gentle on my sensitive skin — I was wary of the baking soda in the ingredients list, because I’ve tried baking soda and it gave me an underarm rash, but not with this deodorant so I’m assuming it’s a question of quantity? I’ve also tried natural alum rocks and liquid alum roll-ons, both of which give me a rash too.

    Okay, so the tests:

    Test 1: transatlantic flight — about 9 hours flight time plus a bunch of hours sitting around airports. I put this on in the morning and kept doing discrete (I hope) sniff tests throughout the day. Was sure this deodorant would bomb this test, but the day kept going on and I was still having no odor issue, and my pits stayed dry! Towards the end of the second of our two flights, I did a quick pit wash in the airplane bathroom and reapplied this deodorant, because at that point I felt like I needed to freshen up a bit, but that’s the case for all deodorants for me. At any rate, this very definitely kept me drier and fresher than any other natural deodorant I’ve ever used, and was just as good or better than all chemical deodorants I’ve used. It was SO nice to get to my destination not feeling gross after 12+ hours of travel.

    Test 2: running. I have no issue with sweating while exercising (that’s kinda the point!), but I don’t like stinking afterwards. I have now gone running about a dozen times while wearing this deodorant, and I have had zero odor problems afterwards.

    Test 3: work. My office always feels like a furnace, so I’m always peeling off layers and feeling pretty rank by the end of the day. I’m not going to go into crazy detail here because you can probably by now guess how this deodorant fares at work. Win.

    Test 4: waking up fresh. Yes, this stuff actually lasts through 24 hours. I’ve actually gone out (like for groceries) in the morning pre-shower and not put deodorant on, because there was no need.

    Okay I think that pretty much sums it up. I came on the site to buy more of this deodorant and so I figured I’d share the results of my test drive while I was at it.

    TL;DR — Try this deodorant

  12. Spring clothes are my favorites. I sew and knit, and I started doing my spring/summer “collection” during the fall and winter… Which definitely helps me through the cold weather!
    I like pretty much all of these, but especially the pink pleats. I have an identical skirt but in fire engine red, which I got at a flea market. I think it used to be part of a theater costume but that’s just for me to know 😜

    1. Love fire engine red! Same, spring (and fall) fashion are my favorite too. In winter I always feel too cold to make any attempt to “be fashionable” and in summer too hot to even bother lol!

  13. I really love my deodorant! First of all it works and does not irritate my skin like most of the over the counter deos. It doesn’t stain my white shirts either!

  14. I have finished the two deos. I’ve enjoyed both of them, but love the Petit Pot Deo! I’m ordering two now!

  15. Depuis le temps que je cherche des produits naturels, je trouve finalement mon bonheur et en Suisse. L’odeur est top, je ne suis pas la seule Ă  le dire. Et quant Ă  son efficacitĂ©, rien Ă  dire, une petite quantitĂ© fait le boulot, les cheveux sont nourris et hydratĂ©s. Il n’y a pas d’effet carton ou alourdissant sur les boucles, elles sont bien dĂ©finies. Je l’ai complĂštement adoptĂ©.

  16. Bonjour =)

    J’avais commandĂ© ce produit pour l’essayer sur mes cheveux crĂ©pus car je suis une adepte du naturel et des huiles essentielles mais je n’ai pas le temps ni la patience ou encore par flemme (je l’avoue haha) de me faire ma crĂšme capillaire. J’en suis Ă  100% satisfaite ! Mes cheveux sont nourris, brillants et doux au toucher. En plus, l’odeur est top ! J’aime beaucoup. Il suffit d’une petite quantitĂ© de produit pour une section de cheveux, pas besoin d’en mettre des tonnes pour avoir un bon rĂ©sultat.
    Je viens d’en recommander 3 pots car je pense que j’ai trouvĂ© mon produits favoris pour mes cheveux !