nourish from inside out, from head to toe.

We offer a variety of natural products that are multipurpose, cruelty-free, effective and fun!

Detangling Conditioner

19.00 chf

Mango & Monoi Leave-In

24.00 chf

Le Petit Pot Deo

15.00 chf

  • Perfect size (and formula) to get through airport security during your summer travels😅
  • 😍😍 “I ordered your products a couple of weeks ago and love them.” The beauty of small business... getting the chance meet and interact with your customers ❤️
  • Botanical Blend TIPS⬇️
🌿as a face mask use equal parts liquid and mask
🌿 as a hair cleanser, a thin consistency is best
🌿 try blending it with green tea for added antioxidants or aloe juice for a soothing mineral blend but plain hot water works well too (allow to cool)
  • Cocoa Rose Whip TIPS⬇️
🌿a tiny amount goes a long way
🌿 apply to skin right after a shower/bath/hand washing 🛁🚿 for extra smooth results
  • The detangling conditioner: for all curl types. TIPS⬇️
🌿detangle from ends to roots
🌿 when rinsing, leave a tiny amount in your hair
🌿For waves or loose curl types, doubles as a leave-in
  • For all curl types. TIP⬇️
Have thick curly/afro hair? Work in small sections and rake through clean, wet hair with fingers or a detangling brush. (optional: apply a light gel on top for longer hold.)

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