Thanks for visiting Blossom. My name is Patti. I’m a mom, psychologist and curly hair aficionado.
Though I now celebrate curly and afro hair, it wasn't always the case. From the age of 10, my hair was relaxed.  The process of straightening my hair was long and sometimes painful, but I never considered wearing my hair in its natural state.
That all changed the day I started my family. I wanted my children to love their curls. In my mind, that started with a curl-loving mama. So one day, at my request, my brave husband chopped off all of my hair. It was that day my passion for haircare and natural products started.
Blossom means to develop in a promising and healthy way. And my products will help your hair and skin do just that. They are handmade using high quality, organic ingredients. Where possible, I try to source local Swiss ingredients and packaging.