Thanks for visiting Blossom. My name is Patti. I’m a mom, psychologist and curly hair aficionado.
Blossom was born from a simple act. One day, I asked my brave husband to chop off all my chemically straightened hair. I knew I wanted a family, and that my children, like me, would have some type of curly hair. Wanting them to love and accept all natural parts of themselves, it seemed only natural I start with myself.
Since that day, I became somewhat obsessed with natural cosmetic products. Looking past the shiny packaging, I started examining product labels and grew concerned about the amount of chemicals that were in the products I used. This sparked my journey of searching for healthier, more natural alternatives.
Blossom means to develop in a promising and healthy way. And my products will help your hair and skin do just that. They are handmade using high quality, organic ingredients.