Fail-proof Product for Moisture and Hair Growth

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There is no product more important to curly hair than water.

I say this because I am an advocate for health both internally and externally. I have only positive things to say about mother nature’s gift to curly hair. Water promotes growth, length retention, moisture, pliability and definition. We water our plants and watch them turn into beautiful creations, why not our hair?  Of course, it goes without saying that conditioners, oils and leave-ins are great to achieve healthy hair.  However, water is the only “product” that let’s us hit reset and give our hair a fresh start.

How to Use Water Mists

Now on to discuss how we can use water to achieve healthy hair. For most curlies out there, washing our hair daily is not an option. Though  this does not mean that we shouldn’t wet our hair daily. To apply water to your hair, simply fill a spray bottle with water and mist the hair, concentrating on the ends. Once the hair is slightly damp, not drenched or dripping, you can either put it up in a loose bun, ponytail or loose braids. If your hair responds well to oils, you can also apply a light oil to your ends to seal in the moisture. That’s it. Do that nightly, or every other night and your hair will thank you for it.

DIY Spray

Feeling creative, you could add your favorite botanical ingredients, e.g. aloe vera or a few drops of your favorite essential oils and make your H20 mist more personalized to suit your needs.


If you live in an area with hard-water, fill your spray bottle with distilled or bottled water.

That’s it. Pretty easy, huh? Sometimes simplicity is the key when it comes to haircare.

Do you mist your hair on a daily basis?


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