Our Guide to Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant is a healthy alternative to traditional aluminum-based ones.  Over the years, there has been an increase in their popularity. Even celebrities are adopting natural deodorants as part of their personal hygiene. Actress and CEO Jessica Alba swears by natural deodorants for everyday use:

“I won’t lie. If I have to walk a red carpet or give a big presentation, I’m reaching for that trustworthy but toxin-filled Big Name Super-Strong Antiperspirant. You can’t risk pit stains in those high-pressure situations, and the nontoxic deodorant formulas just aren’t there yet. For now, my strategy is to layer my conventional antiperspirant over a natural, nontoxic deodorant. I figure that way I’ve got a layer of protection from the aluminum and triclosan in most mainstream brands. On regular days, it’s natural all the way (nymag.com).”

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