Low Porosity Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know

In a previous post , I discussed hair porosity. This post will go into detail about what you can do if your hair is low porosity. To recap, it can be defined as hair with compact and overlapping cuticle layers. The physical characteristics of this type of hair causes it to repel water, making it difficult to hydrate and even permanently color/dye.

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Fail-proof Product for Moisture and Hair Growth

water, healthy hair, curly hair

There is no product more important to curly hair than water.

I say this because I am an advocate for health both internally and externally. I have only positive things to say about mother nature’s gift to curly hair. Water promotes growth, length retention, moisture, pliability and definition. We water our plants and watch them turn into beautiful creations, why not our hair?  Of course, it goes without saying that conditioners, oils and leave-ins are great to achieve healthy hair.  However, water is the only “product” that let’s us hit reset and give our hair a fresh start.

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