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  1. I love the aesthetics of your new blog and website. Looking forward to seeing more about your regimen here. I still go back to your old website for low porosity info. How are your kids by the way, pretty sure they are well

    1. Aw, thank you so much! My regimen has not changed a lot. I still live by clay washes and deep conditioning with heat. The only big differences is adding hot oil treatments to my regimen, this has really helped with elasticity and shine. The kids are great, baby girl will be 2 soon, she has a big personality and is quite the character. My son just turned 4 and he is still a little sweet heart. Hope all is well with you and your loved ones! Thanks for stopping by again.

  2. Spring clothes are my favorites. I sew and knit, and I started doing my spring/summer “collection” during the fall and winter… Which definitely helps me through the cold weather!
    I like pretty much all of these, but especially the pink pleats. I have an identical skirt but in fire engine red, which I got at a flea market. I think it used to be part of a theater costume but that’s just for me to know 😜

    1. Love fire engine red! Same, spring (and fall) fashion are my favorite too. In winter I always feel too cold to make any attempt to “be fashionable” and in summer too hot to even bother lol!