Deodorant with Lavender & Clay

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A natural, solid deodorant that works via moisture-absorbing powders and antibacterial oils. Its uplifting fragrance combines citrus and woody notes that help to reduce odors. Small enough to carry along all your adventures!
Application: Rub the bar back and forth a couple of times. Reapply as needed.
Ingredients: cocoa butter°, arrow root powder°, kaolin clay, bentonite clay, coconut oil°, baking soda°, jojoba oil°, sesame seed oil°, castor oil°, colloidal oats°, essential oil blend: lavender°, tea tree°, sweet orange° & cedar°
°certified organic
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Weight 27 g

This is deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. It won't stop your body from doing what it does naturally, but it will help keep you fresh and absorb moisture.



4 reviews for Deodorant with Lavender & Clay

  1. Lourdes

    This awesome deodorant absorbs moisture and neutralizes odor with its pleasant scent. Easy to rub it on my skin, it keeps me fresh and dry all day. Love it!

  2. jaqueline

    finally an aluminium free deodorant that works!!!

  3. Kate

    So this is going to be a long review and maybe TMI but it’s for the good of humanity.

    I have come to the end of a test-drive period in which I put this deodorant to some extreme tests. Preface: Since puberty (and I’m 36 now) I have NEVER found a deodorant that I have been truly happy with, and certainly not a natural one. I overheat easily and with all other natural deodorants I’ve tried my pits have turned swampy really quickly and there has never been any odor control to speak of. With the last natural deodorant I tried I mostly just reeked of tea tree oil which would be overpowered by b.o. within an hour or two. Most chemical deodorants are the same for me, except the last one I used (which I thought was great until I read the ingredients label).

    That was my situation until (drumroll) I discovered this deodorant here. I don’t know what sort of sorcery you’ve got going on, but this legit works — at least for me, and I know all pits are different, but I can say that in my case it does work, shockingly well. It is also gentle on my sensitive skin — I was wary of the baking soda in the ingredients list, because I’ve tried baking soda and it gave me an underarm rash, but not with this deodorant so I’m assuming it’s a question of quantity? I’ve also tried natural alum rocks and liquid alum roll-ons, both of which give me a rash too.

    Okay, so the tests:

    Test 1: transatlantic flight — about 9 hours flight time plus a bunch of hours sitting around airports. I put this on in the morning and kept doing discrete (I hope) sniff tests throughout the day. Was sure this deodorant would bomb this test, but the day kept going on and I was still having no odor issue, and my pits stayed dry! Towards the end of the second of our two flights, I did a quick pit wash in the airplane bathroom and reapplied this deodorant, because at that point I felt like I needed to freshen up a bit, but that’s the case for all deodorants for me. At any rate, this very definitely kept me drier and fresher than any other natural deodorant I’ve ever used, and was just as good or better than all chemical deodorants I’ve used. It was SO nice to get to my destination not feeling gross after 12+ hours of travel.

    Test 2: running. I have no issue with sweating while exercising (that’s kinda the point!), but I don’t like stinking afterwards. I have now gone running about a dozen times while wearing this deodorant, and I have had zero odor problems afterwards.

    Test 3: work. My office always feels like a furnace, so I’m always peeling off layers and feeling pretty rank by the end of the day. I’m not going to go into crazy detail here because you can probably by now guess how this deodorant fares at work. Win.

    Test 4: waking up fresh. Yes, this stuff actually lasts through 24 hours. I’ve actually gone out (like for groceries) in the morning pre-shower and not put deodorant on, because there was no need.

    Okay I think that pretty much sums it up. I came on the site to buy more of this deodorant and so I figured I’d share the results of my test drive while I was at it.

    TL;DR — Try this deodorant

  4. Antynea

    Je l’adore ! Il est facile à appliquer et très efficace. Je n’en mets que le matin et il fait effet toute la journée… Même en faisant du sport. Je suis super satisfaite ! Merci !

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